In 1989, I was living in Santa Cruz , California . I was asleep and unconscious. I was gifted with the Hindu "Shaktipat" transmissions which awakened the sleeping serpent within my energy body. That following week, northern California experienced a powerful earthquake, which in reflection, changed my life forever. My wife and I returned to the East with our 4 year old son. The shockwave of this Hindu transmission and the raging growl of my inner demons, lead me to seek out more of myself. I was not happy in my life. I acted like it, but my spirit was sad. Even as the birth of our daughter fulfilled my heart in deep and powerful ways, there existed within me sadness that produced a bitter and angry young man. I eventually destroyed the marriage and became a recluse within myself in guilt and abandonment. Unknowingly, my spirit guides lovingly and unconditionally were pushing me in a specific direction. I began my search for more truth about myself. I stepped into a world of knowledge and mystery through books and group experience with fellow spiritual seekers. I studied metaphysics for the next seven years. I began to walk the path of a shaman but did not know what this meant. Yet Spirit taught me and created a path that catered to my needs..

I have since been in formal studies with the shaman’s world and the indigenous medicine traditions of the Inka in the Andes of South America for over 13 years. I have been taught by those teachers who have guided me with tough grace and love but my greatest teacher has been Spirit itself. The path of shamanism is one that teaches and informs directly from Spirit. One learns very quickly when true Divine Guidance is provided. I do not claim one teacher as my own.
My responsibility to myself, my local and global community is to create spiritual council from the lineage that supports my intent. I am a Mesa Carrier in the Inka tradition which allows me to access Source and universal threads of spiritual truth from all cultures. I do not claim to be a representative of any one tribal nation, but as a member of the global community I weave threads of light for Earth and her path. I weave threads of light for myself and I assist others in finding direct contact to their soul seed in order to grow into better humans, thus creating a better light for our shared planet and the unified cosmology.

This medicine tradition is one to be shared not contained. It is the time of “The Surrendering” and a time of fulfillment of the prophecies that lay in our hands. We are the ones we have been waiting for!
I live. I breathe. I am you as you are me. We are the fire that burns in our bellies. I invite you to align with me in these ways. I ask with unconditional love and the clearest intent to bring light to our lives, your family, your community and all of the elements of Mother Earth. We are Warriors of Light…Peaceful Warriors.

I am grateful for the allowance of my Mother Earth to grant me permission to enter her Sacred. It is the womb of Pachamama…Mother Earth that creates a home for me to traverse. I will always do the best I can for her. I will always live for her cause.
So in the dance of the Sacred Fire, I send out a vibration of communion.

Through the Heart of the Sacred Mother,