The art of Shamanism is an ancient process of working in harmony with the seen and unseen forces in nature. Built within the ancient shamanic traditions, rituals and practices are the tools for translating the synchronicity of human experience in relation to the cosmology of human destiny.

All humans understand the physical fact that we all require air to breathe, water and food to survive, but what people take for granted is the fact that all things are connected in synchronicity. These are invisible elements and spiritual alliances that are actually taking part in our daily realities. They are a reflection of our Thought, Emotion and Belief systems, which can assist with illuminating the agreements we have made in this life and therefore, fulfilling one’s destiny. These aspects of our nature allow us to take Action as physical Beings in unique and specific ways thus creating a more balanced way of life. These invisible threads of light can be accessed 24/7.

The intention of this resource of information is to excite one's spirit with ideas that create a powerful vibration of intuition, leading us all to ‘next level’ expansion in our consciousness. When we ‘wake up’ to these ideas, we learn that when tapping into the forces of nature, one's reality will shift and turn toward preferred health, lifestyle and peace.
As ancient prophecies forecast, this time on Earth is the ‘Time of Remembering’...a very exciting moment of revelation in the soul's awareness. It is the age of ‘Meeting Ourselves’.

There are tools and processes that can assist us all. Many lineages of traditional medicine and Spirit work have varying techniques and methods. These techniques have been established and retained for thousands of years. Many of these lineage masters agree that these ideas have been practiced since the dawn of mankind, deeply rooted in the matrix of human consciousness.

The human arrival on this planet was not caused by evolution or accidental causes. As souls, we all have returned to Earth after death of the physical body and continue to gravitate toward energies that continue our learning. We come here to discover lost aspects of ourselves. We intuitively ‘know’ that it all leads to fulfillment and bliss for the experience of being human. In order to truly encounter ourselves in the Smokey Mirror of our soul destiny, we must be an active participant in the acknowledgement that Earth is an organic sentient Being and ALL things are One...down to the last grain of sand!

This time of remembering as souls, has brought with it recognizable processes that can be applied in contemporary methods. Ancient rituals can be utilized in today's world, lifting the veil of separation between Source and ourselves, thus creating unity and the experience of Oneness. It is up to us in the modern world to cultivate ourselves with these teachings to both heal and nurture us during our collective soul’s journey.

Here are a few aspects of methods to be taught and shared, so that healing and awakening can occur. We must be cleansed often so that the processes can take root in our energy systems.

Creating Sacred Space: Learning how to open the door to Spirit with positive light, love and integrity.


Illumination Processes: Cleansing, clearing, ‘illuminating the beauty that we were born with’, and learning techniques of self-assessment.

The Shamanic Journey: Conscious dreaming, infinite visions, stepping outside Time and Space to seek contact with many things including Elementals, Spirit guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Animals and Power Totems to create alliances for self discovery.

Mesa Tradition: Learning how to assemble your own spiritual landscape and divination tool, which is a reflective pool and conduit to Spirit. It is the operating system or interface to Source.

Gathering Together in Ceremony: This is an important and powerful aspect of our collective agreement, assembling reality through the beauty of group energy.

Receiving Initiations: Rites of Passage, such as the Inka Karpays, are transmissions of Light that awaken the multidimensional senses and plant seeds of transformation. This can include many global traditions with similar intent.

Plant Medicines: Merging with the divine essence of plant spirit so that our consciousness can awaken and be whole with the Oneness of Earth.

Death and Dying Processes: Shifting our relationship with death and dying, and learning to assist others in their physical transformation. This is yet another element to the Rites of Passage. The education of Conscious Dying both physically and spiritually is an important process in being human.

Travel : Experiencing direct contact and processes with indigenous teachers in sacred and remote locations. When we physically travel it is a transformational tool.