Ancient mystery teachings in humanity include a powerful tool known as The Crystal Skulls. The myth reveals that the ancient crystal skulls that exist were fashioned by ancient humans and extraterrestrials some 26,000 years ago...but that is a small amount of time compared to the age of ancient shamanic practices. Mysterious forces have always surrounded these two aspects in human nature.

There is a story of 13 ancient skulls that exist, some still in hiding as others are protected by their caretakers. It is said that when these skulls come together, the mystery will be unveiled as truth and specific knowledge of our earth history will be known. So be it.

The adventure of this fascinating exploration is key to our experience as spiritual questers. For some people, there is an uncanny desire that inspires them to seek deeper into this matrix of Knowledge once they have touched this lore.
I have found that learning the art of "scrying" into certain skulls can bring enormous vision. Information retained in these quartz structures includes many ideas that can be accessed by literally staring directly into this matrix of the crystal itself. This is an action that lifts the veil and opens the door to memory, stimulating past, present and future knowing. This information can be of great assistance in understanding why and how we came into being. It is a tool of transformation that can change frequencies within the human consciousness, shifting how we see the world and what we believe. Believing is truly seeing.
The crystal skull quest can be activated through any present day skull that is fashioned by contemporary methods. I have experimented with neutral quartz crystal skulls and found many facets of the original ancient skulls built within them, acting as a conduit to Source.

The idea of group interaction with this tool is of great excitement. Gathering together with the intent to open doorways of communion with the spirit world in sacred space will lead into more opening of the Earth’s matrix of Knowledge. Any one person can own a crystal skull but working with it through guidance will shift ownership into caretaking. These threads will guide us to higher levels of consciousness and be integrated into the matrix of global skull caretakers, which in turn, elevates earth consciousness through beacons of light in the Earth's grid.
Ongoing workshops will be a way to gain knowledge and learn techniques to work with your own crystal skull with integrity. I have a trusted resource for attracting a crystal skull that you can work with...the skull will choose you, should you put out that intent. Careful what you ask for!

We work through the matrix of the "Blue Crystal Skull". This skull exists but is unknown in the physical to humanity. It is a very, very beautiful skull seen by a handful of people on the planet. Many of us LOVE this skull with will too once you have opened that door. Imagine the bluest sky perceived through crystal.
It will bring tears of joy!
Stay tuned

In the perfection of timing, three of us in community represented a platform toward intentions for more contact in order to assemble a reality of future group engagements with Skull Quest.

Max, the crystal skull (with caretaker Joann Parks from Texas) has much history over the years with a wonderful story. Max is claimed and loved as an important global conduit in this lore. Ancient original skull of 12? It told me to stop focusing on that yet to use each vessel as an open door to the global agreement in our hands now.

We received many powerful gifts...mostly a HUGE download of energy and information that was meant for our time together. It took minutes for us to fully receive this, out of the 30 minute visit. Knees were knocking and hands shaking. We got some very potent energy.

Max is a strong connection vessel for a very ancient wise teacher with notions of collective contacts woven into the matrix of skull knowledge at large. For us, the Maya was the strongest label and most obvious translation with Pleadian Star connections. A fascinating vessel of Light!

I also heard the following words...

"...unwrap your egos and receive the information through us, through these vessels, with unconditional love and complete surrender. It is the time of the Recollection...a time of re-collecting yourselves together and creating bubble realities within your communities. POP this bubble when the circle has created the specific vibration and the rest of the world will sense this frequency shift and answer in response. It is your heart that creates this code of communion. Release, surrender and allow the shift to be, as it has already occur from our perspective...and we will say, it is a very, very beautiful site to see!"

note: we placed the three stones in eye and nose cavities.