Physical travel is a wonderful gift! Traveling to Sacred sites in a group can be a life changing event. When we travel together, we travel in the spirit of the "allyu" (pronounced, ‘eye-you’). This is a Quechuan word for village or community meaning we work together, supporting those in need and celebrating as a family. When we travel together, we travel in the Sacred as shamans not as tourists (even though we might look like one!). It is a powerful and beautiful experience we share together as brothers and sisters.

Sacred sites on the globe are the destination in order to weave ancient work around us in ceremony. We will play, explore, cry, laugh, sing and dance together, while staying in balance with retaining the important solitude to allow our inner work to take seed. The intent is to return home with these seeds, so that we may integrate the experience into our daily lives and grow strong medicine bodies for ourselves and our families.

Special programs will be available to us in order to work directly with indigenous teachers who will take us to sacred locations (some are remote) to experience the mystery of that culture. Including Dolphin and Whale swims which can be very powerful experiences of initiation. Destinations will vary but here are a few specific areas that might excite you. Stay tuned for the next up and coming journey.

Peru ~ Cuzco and Sacred Valley region, Sacred Mountains, Lake Titicaca, Nazca, and the Amazon.
Arizona ~ Sedona region for programs linked in with Crystal Skull lore and vortex exploration.
Egypt ~ Cairo and the Giza region, The Nile and the Valley of Kings
Hawaii ~ Merging with the Kahuna and the Sacred Garden, Dolphin/Whale program
Bahamas ~ Very special encounter with Dolphins and Atlantian ruins
Mexico ~ Stepping deeply into the Maya
Many more exciting destinations to explore...should an area excite you, let us know...
we can work together as a team to assemble that reality! Anything is truly possible.